The holiday romance. It's a situation we've all experienced. You've met someone abroad. Someone fun. Someone clever, adventurous, gorgeous. Romance starts to blossom and the time you spend together stays with you for weeks, perhaps months afterwards. Of course you get back home and those same feelings take a dive. Was what you felt even real?

Last year I admit I got a little carried away on a sojourn to Portugal, during which I put the brand nw BMW 4 Series Coupe through its paces. It was new, exciting and glorious to drive, and I felt sure that someday I would own one. Now of course the European climes are behind me, daily working life has resumed, and Middle East traffic has once again set my teeth on edge. Now the BMW 4 Series Coupe is on home turf in the Middle East, and I'm about to take it for a spin. Will the romance remain strong, or will it crash and burn?

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